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Industrial automation

Turboholding Kft. Company offers cooperation in the supply of products intended for the implementation of projects of any complexity in various industries such as metallurgy, engineering, transport, energy, aircraft construction, oil and gas industry - the commissioning of new production facilities, reconstruction and improvement of working enterprises, equipping of administrative and residential buildings.

Industrial automation

Supply program includes.

  • equipment for the automation of technological processes: industrial computers, programmers, controllers, equipment for link of the automation systems with humans, drive systems, movement control, identification;
  • equipment for construction sites: building automation components, installation equipment, terminals and cable products;
  • Industrial connectors from microminiature up to high power for use in advanced electronic and electrotechnical products;
  • a wide range of constructs, including cabinets, racks, crates, enclosures, chassis and panels, allowing to create based on them product for different operating conditions from normal to seismic and fire radiation-resistant, operating in a wide temperature and humidity range.

To date, we supply products from Harting, LappKabel, Molex, Siemens, Schroff, Rittal, Tyco Electronics, Wago, and we only provide direct deliveries.


  • Low-voltage switching technology;
  • Wiring devices (low-voltage fusible link, circuit breakers, residual current devices, overvoltage protection devices, switching devices, time delay switches and timers, power-supply sources, measuring equipment, control devices, switches and sockets DELTA;
  • Programmable logic modules SIMATIC;
  • Non-contact proximity sensors Bero%
  • Electric drive.


  • Cabinets and racks;
  • Enclosures for wall mounting;
  • Additional equipment for cabinets and racks;
  • Instrument cases;
  • Power supply sources for 19 "configurations;
  • Front panels and plug-in modules for 19 "configurations;
  • Universal sub-blocks for printed circuit boards and modules.
  • Systems for industrial PCs;
  • Electrical enclosures for wall mounting.


  • Distribution systems;
  • Electronic chassis, racks and cases;
  • The equipment for the control of a microclimate;
  • Current-distributing equipment;
  • Telecommunication racks and cabinets;
  • Enclosures for outdoor installation.

Lapp Kabel

  • Flexible cables;
  • Cables for lifting and conveyor systems;
  • Heat-resistant and compensating cables;
  • Drives and cables for fixed installation;
  • Cables for data transmission at low frequencies and telephone cables;
  • Cables for BUS systems and industrial Ethernet systems;
  • Cable accessories.


  • Types of spring clamps for wires with cross-section 0.08 ... 95 mm ².
  • Acceptable wire types for cage clamp;
  • Terminals for installation on din rail, 35 mm wide;
  • Terminals for mounting on a flat surface;
  • Main accessories for terminals;
  • Construction and mounting terminals for junction boxes;
  • Construction and mounting terminals for lighting fixtures;
  • Terminals for mounting at printed circuit board.
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